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Kickstarter x NADA


The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting new and emerging artists, curators, and gallerists — a community that Kickstarter has worked to champion since our founding in 2009. Our organizations are both committed to fostering dialogue across disparate parts of the arts world, elevating diverse new voices in the field, and cultivating meaningful ways for the public to engage with contemporary art.

Learn more about our collaboration for NADA New York 2017 below.



NADA Presents

Kickstarter and NADA collaborated on NADA Presents, an eclectic lineup of talks, performances, workshops, and other public programs that took place at the center of the fair. In addition to co-presenting the entire series, Kickstarter organized a few events — read on for more details, or check out the full schedule here.


Free Arts Education: A Poetic Act
The Bruce High Quality Foundation University
Friday, March 3, 12–1pm

BHQFU faculty members Jesse Chun and Ana Božičević spoke about tuition-free arts education and the poetics of collaboration, partnership, and exchange that are embedded in some of the collective’s recent projects. A series of poetry readings by students, faculty, and residents followed, bridging the public sphere and the intimacy of classroom experimentation.


Investing in Futures
More&More Unlimited (Marina Zurkow and Sarah Rothberg)
Sunday, March 5, 1–2:30pm

In this “world-building” workshop, participants drew randomly from a deck of cards containing parameters that could describe a future society, such as government, food availability, and working conditions. Then, they worked together to conceptualize, diagram, and craft artifacts from worlds that could meet those constraints — alternate realities that sparked counter-proposals for our current one.


Reinventing Museums
A conversation with Alex Kalman of Mmuseumm, Ayodamola Okunseinde and Salome Asega of the Iyapo Repository, and Nico Wheadon of The Studio Museum in Harlem, moderated by Willa Köerner of Kickstarter
Sunday, March 5, 2:30–3:30pm

The museum community is in the midst of a vast and destabilizing transformation. As many institutions expand — both literally and metaphorically — others are being downsized or facing funding cuts. At the same time, the role of the traditional museum is being interrogated, and new, highly inventive museum models are springing up. As we look to the future, this panel discussion asked: what role do museum collections and artifacts play in shaping our collective future? How will museums be tested over the next ten years? If traditional museum models falter, should they be saved? And, importantly, how can museums reinvent themselves to mean more to more people?



The BHQFU Booth

The Bruce High Quality Foundation University took over Kickstarter’s NADA Cultural Partner Booth to share new work from their latest project, live now on Kickstarter: a printmaking collaboration with the Chipakata Children’s Academy in Zambia. On a mission to make arts education free and accessible to all, BHQFU is teaming up with scores of artists in New York City to produce limited-edition copper plate prints on a portable etching press. The press will then travel to the Chipakata school, where it will anchor a new studio art program. Completed in 2015 by the 14+ Foundation, Chipakata provides arts-based learning programs to over 200 students from preschool to 7th grade.

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