Kickstarter Arts

Working with us


Working with us

We are available to advise artists and organizations who share our mission of supporting impactful public projects. When working together, our team provides dedicated support to help you develop an exceptional public campaign — from initial planning to outreach strategies and audience engagement — including guidance in five key areas:


1. Goals

We help you determine the right funding goal for your campaign, and work with you to define your target audience accordingly.



2. Storytelling

We share tips on how to tell the central story of your project in a way that will resonate with backers and encourage them to get involved.



3. Visuals

We provide guidance on what makes a strong project video, and how to make your project page as visually compelling as possible.



4. Rewards

We offer suggestions about what makes rewards feel exciting and valuable to potential backers.



5. Outreach

We offer strategic advice on how to best share your campaign through email, social media, and beyond.